Air Force Could Test “Flying Aircraft Carriers” as Early as Next Year



Sounds like those 1970s/80s Japanese cartoons I used to watch.


We’ve been watching this particular hush-hush DARPA project for more than two years now . In a nutshell, it calls for the creation of a new class of small, reusable drones that can be launched midair from a C-130 air transport, disperse to surveil (or, depending on the payload, attack) targets as much as 300 miles away, then return to their flying airbase to dock for refueling and rearming.

Basically, Gremlins will be flying, warlike Roombas, but supersized — big enough to carry 60 poundsĀ of payload each.

OK so maybe it won’t be like Voltron or Robotech after all. At least not yet.

I remember we did a story on self swarming drones a few years ago. It sounds like that project might be a part of this DARPA project.

Drones, it appears are changing the landscape of warfare quickly. Add in advancements in AI and the creepy factor goes exponential.

Launched from an aircraft carrier, a more advanced mothership would fly stealthily into hostile airspace, undetected by radar. Suddenly, enemy radar screens would light up as dozens of unstealthy Gremlin drones appear seemingly from out of nowhere to conduct strikes, then return to their mothership and simply vanish into radar-invisibility once again.

At which point the mothership would return to base, never having been detected.

The military industrial complex rolls on.

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