And yet MORE socialism induced chaos in Venezuela : Starving mob beat cattle to death with rocks in desperate search for food


There are many people out there who somehow have come to believe that markets are bad. That the free flow of prices somehow hurts them. That they must expend mental energy on the idea that greedy capitalists lurking out there, just waiting to exploit the labor of the proletariat. You know the bit.

And people honest to God believe it. Millions of people believe it. They don’t get that free enterprise, free markets, free prices moving this way and that, ebbing and flowing as a natural economy must to stay healthy is the way to create prosperity.

They just refuse to believe it. And then people become hungry.

This is a general rule of thumb. Apply it anywhere one sees “socialism” in action:  Socialism always fails. It is just a matter of the degree to which a society initially embraces socialism. If it embraces it some – say in the US, think the Great Society and The New Deal, then there will be SOME economic failure. If a society completely embraces socialism say Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, The Soviet Union, and so on, one sees complete failure. This, as we’ve said in the past is about as close to a constant as one can find is social science.

And the reason this is is amazingly simple. Socialism doesn’t calculate effectively. It restricts the natural flow of prices. Socialism is fundamentally unsound and unsustainable. As the strain on price restrictions increases over time, things start to break. It’s really not complicated.

(From The Daily Mail)

A shocking video showing a starving Venezuelan mob beating a cow to death with stones has gone viral amid violent protests that have left four people dead.

Dozens of men shout ‘we are hungry’ and ‘people are suffering’ as they surround the cow in the field, throwing stones at it and beating it with a stick.

I’m not going to post the video but if one must see it one can read the article and see the video here.