Audit finds US Defense Department wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars

Why don’t we just tape $1000 bills to each piece of ordnance we drop around the world. Oh, wait, we do much worse than that.

(From The Hill)

The catalyst for the audit, which I called for in 2016 with former Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), was an alarming report that TFBSO spent nearly $43 million to build a gas station in Afghanistan as part of rebuilding operations. The Hill recently published an op-ed that specifically disputes the $43 million price tag, claiming instead that the direct cost to build the gas station was actually a little over $5 million. According to the SIGAR audit, that is factually correct but incomplete. The op-ed’s author, Jeff Goodson, failed to acknowledge that in addition to the $5 million, TFBSO spent millions in massive overhead costs that were allocated to the project, pushing its total cost to just under $43 million. He also failed to realize the larger picture, which is that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted overseas with little to no return on investment for America.

The $43 million gas station wasn’t the only egregious finding in the SIGAR audit. Congress appropriated $823 million for TFBSO projects. SIGAR auditors found rock-solid documentation for $435 million, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for. The financial discrepancy is due to careless bookkeeping and means American taxpayers may never know what happened to the rest of their money.

“May never know”? Of course we’ll never know. There isn’t a chance in Afghanist…I mean Hell, that we’ll ever know where those millions went. Now just multiply this by 1000 (at least) and repeat every year.

Another alarming finding is that nearly 50 percent of contracts were awarded noncompetitively, meaning the DOD did not seek out alternative, cost-effective contractors that may have done higher quality work less expensively. Also, $35 million in contracts were awarded to firms employing former TFBSO senior staff members in executive roles, raising serious concerns about favoritism in contracting practices.

“Defense” spending gets a free ride from far too many “conservatives.” The Pentagon is full of waste and abuse and disregard for the tax payer. Conservatives are SUPPOSED to be for smaller government. They are SUPPOSED to be for fiscal sanity.

Conservatives – the Pentagon has been taking you for a very long and very expensive ride.

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