Bundy: “I’m not used to being free, put it that way,” he said. “I’ve been a political prisoner for right at 700 days today. I come into this courtroom an innocent man and I’m going to leave as an innocent man.”



(From The LA Times)

He also seemed ready to resume his role as a leader on the issue of local control of federal land. It’s a decades-long fight for Bundy, who first tussled with the Bureau of Land Management in the 1990s by refusing to pay grazing fees for his cattle using federal land.

This is what some folks need to understand. Notice that it says “federal land.” It’ not your land. It’s not my land. It’s federal land. Government land. This is just another example of why government IS NOT YOU or ME. It is not US. Government works for itself. It is the great unincorporation that devours, if allowed to, everything in its path. It long ago sucked up much of the land in the West. Perhaps that tide is beginning to turn.

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