Business Insider: The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true

No… Another shocker.

Who knows how much is true? I am sure that at least some of it is. It is red meat of course to the Trump Derangement Syndrome folks. So now that Russia looks to be a bust, and Mueller is spinning wheels, the attack is on Trump – the person. It’s a logical tack if the effort is to keep the White House off balance. And no doubt Mr. Wolff will make a lot of money with this book.

I don’t have a hard time believing some of the more unflattering claims Mr. Wolff makes. However, if Obama had ever had half as good a year as Trump had in 2017, the media would likely have dismissed an Obama version of this book very quickly. But since it plays into the narrative they want to believe, and it allows them to continue tut tutting, they run with it.

Maybe it’s all true. Maybe Trump’s a dumb version of the devil incarnate. But much more likely he is not.

Perhaps they should sell the book in future editions as a package with the fallacious “Trump Dossier.”

(From BI)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who the book said warned Trump that he may be under surveillance from British spies, issued a statement describing the claim as “categorically absurd” and “simply untrue.”

Anna Wintour, the longtime Vogue editor, also dismissed the claim that she lobbied Trump to be his ambassador to the UK as “laughably preposterous.”

Other journalists have also urged caution. Some cited Wolff’s track record — questions were raised about his 2008 book on Rupert Murdoch — and others compared his claims with their own knowledge of the Trump White House.

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