Can’t please everyone: Trump energy policy riles competing sectors


Energy is crony it seems on every level. Oil crony. Solar crony. Wind crony. Nuclear crony. Coal crony. It’s enough to make one go back to a wood stove. Wait. What’s the temperature outside? 24 degrees? OK maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it is pretty bad.

(From Reuters)

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency initially entertained a plan from oil refiners to upend regulations requiring them to blend ethanol into their gasoline – then rejected it after a backlash from the ethanol industry, rooted in Midwest corn-growing states that supported Trump’s election.

Think crony corn Iowa politicians. Also home of course to the first caucus in 2020.

The dispute sparked open warfare among the congressional backers of various industry interests, including threats to block Trump’s agency nominations and accusations he had welched on campaign promises.

Even the coal industry, which played a starring role in Trump’s campaign, has seen a marginal return on its lobbying efforts. It has, for instance, had little success so far in attacking subsidies for wind and solar power.

Trump and others in his administration have criticized renewable energy as expensive and dependent on government support. But the White House has not sought to repeal tax breaks expected to provide $12.3 billion to renewable energy firms by 2020, which other Republicans continue to support.

GE gives money to Democrats AND Republicans dontcha know.

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