Chicago Public Schools Employees Stole THOUSANDS From Fund Dedicated To Helping Needy Students



Chicago is a dysfunctional place in too many ways. Things are only getting worse it seems.

And as ugly as this incident is, it really is amateur hour compared to much of the corruption that goes on in many if not most of our major cities. (And minor ones too.)

(From The DailyWire)

According to an inspector general’s report released last week, Chicago Public Schools employees stole thousands of dollars in gift cards meant to go to Chicago’s needy children, wasting money on personal items, and even a “teacher’s lunch club” that featured lobster and steak.

The report indicated that teachers and administrators used the gift cards freely, even though they “were donated to the students and were intended to help address their specialized needs,” the Chicago Tribune reported. One principal, who runs a “school for vulnerable students,” stole around $500 in gift cards, and then gave 30 backpacks full of school supplies to “an acquaintance,” and not the students they were destined to help.

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