Funny: Some Random Dude’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Book Sales Are Through (A book about WW2)


Well, congratulations to this guy. I hope he has a nice little windfall. Military historians should get hooked up every once in a while too. Who knows, maybe it’s a decent book and some readers actually enjoy it.

(From The Daily Caller)

A 10-year-old book detailing Allied bombing campaigns against Germany in World War II rocketed to the bestseller list recently, simply due to it’s name.

Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945 shares a title with Michael Wolff’s  Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White Housethe controversial “tell-all” book that documents the inner-workings of the White House during the early days of the Trump presidency and is currently flying off the shelves.

The lucky author of the book is enjoying his newfound sales.

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