GOP lawmaker says he’ll fight to ensure gun rights for marijuana patients


See, this is what I call legitimate progress.


A Republican state legislator in Pennsylvania said he would call on the U.S. Congress to protect the Second Amendment rights of medical marijuana patients.

State Sen. Mike Folmer (R., Lebanon) will introduce a resolution to amend the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, he said. The law currently prevents anyone who consumes marijuana for any reason from owning a firearm. State Sen. Joe Scarnati (R., Jefferson), the Senate president pro tempore, is on board to cosponsor the resolution…

…“As Republicans, we’re supposed to be about limited government and states’ rights,” Folmer said in an interview Friday. “We have thousands of patients who are good citizens, and close to 70 percent of this medicine is going to be non-psychotropic, so in most cases there’ll be no impairment.”

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