His Jaguar was sold off without his permission. Then the tickets and bills began rolling in.

My rule of thumb when entering a major metropolitan area: NEVER park on the street. If the city can get you, they’ll get you, and squeeze what they can out of you.

(From The Seattle Times)

But here’s where it really gets weird. When Corsano got back to the states, his lost car began communicating to him. First it was in the form of toll bills, for crossing the 520 bridge. Then, a parking ticket. When he called the state’s tolling office and Seattle’s municipal court to tell them it wasn’t his car anymore, their answer was, effectively, “tough.”

“My car is sold against my will and someone’s out there joy riding around in it, but they all say ‘doesn’t matter, you have to pay,’ ” Corsano says.

Then his old car parked in a disabled spot up in Greenwood, drawing a $450 ticket. That’s when he lost it…

…“I’ve called the city on the phone eight, 10 times, I’ve filed documents proving it’s not my car anymore,” he says. “But I don’t think there are actually any humans in there. City Hall is simply a box that sends out cash collections.”

My dad has always said that Jags are nothing but trouble.

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