House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public


Now, I wonder if McCabe exiting stage left today had anything to do with the memo coming out? We joke. We joke.

(From Fox News)

The House Intelligence Committee on Monday evening voted to release a classified memo circulating in Congress that purportedly reveals government surveillance abuses.

The vote was announced to reporters by California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee, who called it a “very sad day, I think, in the history of this committee.” The motion passed on a party-line basis, he said.

Schiff said the GOP-majority committee also voted against releasing a counter memo written by Democrats.

Oh, I know. Boo hoo huh Schiff? Better to keep the people in the dark right? Why should we know what actually happened with the FBI and the Russia stuff? The People should have to rely on the words of guys like you in Congress, who we know always have our best interests at heart.

“If you … want to know whether or not the dossier was used in court proceedings, whether or not it was vetted before it was used. … If you are interested in who paid for the dossier … then, yes, you’ll want the memo to come out,” Gowdy told “Fox News Sunday.”

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