In Hawaii, No Heads Roll over False Missile Alarm


What’s funny (crazy) is we did a story about how the guy who “pressed the button” wasn’t fired, he was “reassigned,” a couple of days ago and a good number of what seemed like government employee types came to the defense of the guy who pressed the button! You see, it was a mistake, they said. No reason for someone to lose their job.


This guy’s mistake probably cost businesses and the state millions of dollars and who knows how much damage in terms of PR. But he should get another chance? I see.

Look, I am all for second chances. I certainly have needed them in my life and I am happy to extend them to others when I think they are warranted. But there are some jobs where one just doesn’t have the margin to screw up. Airline pilot. Brain surgeon. The guy who sends out emergency notices in the event of a nuclear attack. Those jobs.

At the very least he or she should be fired. But not in government employee world.

(From The National Review)

In ancient Hawaii, members of the outcast class Kauwa were often sacrificed to the gods.

No one is suggesting that anything like that be done in the wake of the incredible blunder by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency staffer who triggered a ballistic-missile alert on Saturday by hitting the wrong button twice during a drill. But apparently, no one is resigning, and the staffer in question is merely being “counseled” and retrained so he doesn’t do it again. According to state officials, the staffer answered “yes” when asked by the system if he was sure he wanted to send the message. He wasn’t even aware of his mistake until mobile phones near him began displaying the alert…

…Richard Rapoza, the official spokesman for EMA, declined to identify the errant employee and added, “At this point, our major concern is to make sure we do what we need to do to reassure the public. This is not a time for pointing fingers.”

Actually, it is.

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