In State of the Union, Trump to push for new military spending


And he’ll probably get it because most Republicans take every opportunity they can to spend money on “defense.” Add in the Democrats who are happy to spend money on practically anything and one has a recipe for a big fat taxpayer financed bomb pie.

As we say all the time – the military is big government too. In many respects the biggest of all. And remember, YOU (and your children, and their children) pay for it being everywhere doing everything all over the globe. (Just like the founders this republic hoped we’d do right?)

(From Stars and Stripes)

On Friday, the Washington Post reported the Trump White House next month will ask for $716 billion in defense funding for 2019, a 7 percent increase over this year’s plan. The $700 billion 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, which surpasses statutory budget caps, has yet to gain full-year funding approval.

The 2019 plan aims to modernize the military’s weapon systems as it continues to engage in America’s longest war in Afghanistan and prepares for new conflicts with major powers, The Post reported. The larger spending push signals Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ growing influence within the Trump administration.

“Defense hawks will rejoice,” said Lauren Fish, a defense strategies research associate for the Washington think tank Center for a New American Security. “Timing now is the key factor.”

Hey, you know who else will “rejoice”? The military contractors who will get to spend all that taxpayer money. Debt? who cares about the debt? Not the GOP. Not the Dems.

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