Jeff Sessions in the wrong and out of step on weed


Someone needs to hang out with Sessions and quietly get him stoned, just like someone did with William F. Buckley. (WFB backed drug legalization in the mid-90s.) Perhaps then he will realize that the world is not going to end because of legal weed. Indeed that with the removal of prohibition the world would get marginally better and more just.

Fundamentally, in a free country, or at least in a country that says it’s a free country, (at least some people still do) cannabis should not be illegal. It is a plant. It is a soft drug with no physically additive qualities. It can still get one into trouble to some degree, but grown ups should be able to partake of it as they wish in the privacy of their homes. There is no excuse for prohibition at this point. None.


Howard, one of the good guys.


The only reason I see that marijuana is still illegal in some areas is because of irrational fear, and cronyism. You know who likes illegal pot? Pharma, some parts of the legal industry, and the drug dealers.



(From The Hill)

It’s no secret that President Trump — not to mention a lot of other folks — has some issues with his attorney general. The rescission of the Cole Memo should be added to the list. It is inexplicable policy-wise and, as a political matter, insane for a Republican Party that desperately needs to connect with young people and millennials, much less the clear majority of all Americans, who have come to agree that simple marijuana use shouldn’t be a crime.

In 1999, when I became one of the highest ranking elected officials to call for the legalization of marijuana, only about 30 percent of respondents to an annual Gallup poll on the subject agreed with me. Today, that number is 64 percent and trending up. According to the Pew Research Center, 70 percent of millennials believe marijuana should be legal.

In short, Jeff Sessions managed to come up with something no one was clamoring for, that flies directly in the face of the federalism Republicans love to love, and which is so out of step with a growing majority of Americans as to be laughable.

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