NBC News: Donald Trump rises with Steve Bannon’s fall

(From NBC)

And, perhaps most important for Trump, the president has sent a clear message that he won’t tolerate Bannon trying to drive a wedge between him and his political base ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

That may help explain why Trump weighed in so decisively against Bannon, essentially signaling to fellow Republicans that it was time to choose between the two men.

That was a fight Bannon, the self-styled general of the “populist nationalist” side of the GOP civil war, couldn’t possibly win.

Let’s just say it would be nearly impossible to win.

We see 2 bulldogs going at it here. Except one of the bulldogs is the president.

Plus Bannon has to understand that his support for Roy Moore was a mistake and Trump’s distancing of himself from him will only be seen as a positive by the vast majority of the GOP base.

And I’m not about talking the “never Trumper” squishes. I’m talking about the base, from which Bannon derives his legitimacy in the national conversation.

Sometimes it’s better for a bulldog to fight another day.

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