Now That The Government Has Shut Down, Here’s What Actually “Shuts Down”


Again, IF ONLY it was a real shutdown of the government.

The last time this happened I have to admit it was great for me. I lived right next to the Shenandoah National Park and the Park Service closed the gates when the “shutdown” began. We just hiked up from our house and walked Skyline Drive with no traffic on it. It was nice. The bears liked it too. And the deer. It was quiet.

(From Zerohedge)

It’s official: as of midnight Saturday, the US government has shut down following a failure in the Senate to strike a funding deal. Government funding was due to run out after Dec. 8 but was twice extended, most recently through Jan. 19, at which point the US encountered what’s officially called a “spending gap,” which triggers an official halt to Washington’s work.

In retrospect, this is hardly a novel development, as history shows there have been 18 previous closures starting in 1976, with the last one taking place in September 2013. Almost all of the funding gaps occurred between FY1977 and FY1995. During this 19-fiscal-year period, 15 funding gaps occurred.

The point is, life goes on.

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