NSA deletes “honesty” and “openness” from its Core Values


I know this comes as a shock to our readers. It’s kind of like when Google dropped the “Don’t be Evil” slogan. Except with Google one got a sense that perhaps at some point the company meant it. Perhaps. Well, maybe.

The NSA is the NSA. I’m kind of tickled that these words were ever in their “core values.”

You know, I miss the good old days when “liberals” held the deep state apparatus in contempt. Remember that? It wasn’t that long ago. Now it seems like many “liberals” or “progressives” or whatever are just happy to fall in line and do what they are told. Gone is the spirit  of rebellion that once existed in even modern American “liberalism.” Now it seems like the statist transformation is total. No more 1960/70s counter culture, finger to “the man.” Now it’s lockstep conformity.

I miss those old nuts. They were way more fun than the social justice warriors we all must endure these days.

(From The Intercept)

On January 12, however, the NSA removed the mission statement page – which can still be viewed through the Internet Archive – and replaced it with a new version. Now, the parts about honesty and the pledge to be truthful have been deleted. The agency’s new top value is “commitment to service,” which it says means “excellence in the pursuit of our critical mission.”

Those are not the only striking alterations. In its old core values, the NSA explained that it would strive to be deserving of the “great trust” placed in it by national leaders and American citizens. It said that it would “honor the public’s need for openness.” But those phrases are now gone; all references to “trust,” “honor,” and “openness” have disappeared.

The agency previously stated on its website that it embraced transparency and claimed that all of its activities were aimed at “ensuring the safety, security, and liberty of our fellow citizens.” That has also been discarded.

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