Obama Mocked Trump’s Political Ambitions. Trump Spent His First Year Dismantling Obama’s Legacy


Actually the word “legacy” should be in quotes above. There really isn’t much of a legacy if one thinks about it. The one accomplishment Obama can hang his hat on is Obamacare, which has proven problematic to say the least. And that is slowly dying the death that many predicted. Many of the other things Obama tried to do, he tried to do via executive fiat and so weren’t really rooted and were unlikely to survive. (As we’ve seen.)

There are obviously partisans who will disagree with this statement, but the Obama years were not good for this country. After the Crash which was facilitated by the Federal Reserve and intensified by boneheaded social policy like the Community Reinvestment Act (from the Clinton era and quietly encouraged by Bush) the Obama years were really only good times for the cronies, the big banks, the big industrial companies, the big unions, the big government. They were terrible times for the heart of America’s economic system, small and mid-sized business. Obama acted as if entrepreneurs were the problem because it was a world he didn’t understand. (And for other reasons including a general distaste for “petty bourgeois” sensibilities.) Obama was a big government guy. He really thought that America was supposed to be a big government country. He looked to tired Europe and not to the tradition of American exceptionalism. As such America’s mojo was sapped.

Obama seemed to hold America in contempt. Hillary Clinton coined the term, but Obama saw much of the country as “deplorables” worthy of little more than scolding too.

Of course he scolded because he felt he had something to prove. He was just as good as those “clingers.” And they “didn’t build that” anyway. Right?

It’s too bad. Obama really could have helped heal some divisions in this country. Instead he exacerbated racial divisions for crass political reasons. But the guy was schooled in Alinskiite “community organizing.” What were we to expect? Division was what he knew (knows).

In many ways the Alinsky’s “radicals” are just defenders of the Establishment now



Now Trump has come in and despite the President’s crassness, despite his all over the map economics, despite his sometimes too impulsive tweets, despite the “resistance” people who are actually doing the business of counter resistance establishmentarians, the country has clearly made a turn for the better. As a libertarian I have a whole host of issues with this president, but regardless of one’s political disposition it is practically impossible to deny that this country feels more positive, more optimistic, than it did a year ago. There is mojo in the air. It’s back.That’s just a fact.

And really if there is any part of the Obama “legacy” that needs to be destroyed it’s not any legislation, but the feeling, the vibe, of Obama. The sense that this country had to hunker down. That we were going to march inevitably toward the postmodernist nihilism of Europe, the EU crew, and the vision of the American big government false prophets. That feeling, the esprit (or really anti-esprit) de Obama should be buried for good. Pat that earth down and let the weeds grow over it. Or perhaps a pyre is a better idea?

(From The Daily Caller)

A year into the Trump presidency, Obama’s legacy is taking a beating.

Trump has overseen the dismantling of several of Obamacare’s most controversial aspects. The tax cuts package Trump signed last month included a provision repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate. Trump also rolled backthe Obama administration’s contraception mandate, which forced religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide birth control for all employees, regardless of conscientious objections.

Trump’s Department of Education rolled back several measures that conservatives had decried as federal overreach. The Trump administration repealed the Obama-era mandate that required all public schools to implement transgender bathroom policies and speech codes. The Trump administration also revoked a legally dubious Title IX guidance that regulated sexual assault proceedings on college campuses.

In July, Trump announced the United States would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, which Trump blasted as a threat to American sovereignty. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rolled back the Obama administration’s Clean Water Rule, which drastically increased federal regulations of streams, and repealed the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which increased environmental regulations on coal-fired plants. Trump approved both the Keystone XL and Dakota pipelines that Obama had rejected.

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