One woman’s picture of defiance that could spark a revolution against Iran’s mullahs: MARK ALMOND reports on the remarkable images of a young Iranian pulling off her niqab in public

I wonder what that lady who is at all the p—y hat rallies has to say about this?

Actually scratch that. I don’t care.

Good luck folks in Iran.

(From The Daily Mail)

Three things have enraged them. The hypocrisy of the mullahs who control much of the nation’s wealth through so-called foundations, which ignore their charitable responsibilities and enrich only the well-connected in the Islamic elite.

This leaves poor Iranians asking why their rulers can afford to subsidise allied regimes like that of the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, and send troops to help fight his enemies, but insist on putting up food and fuel prices at home. Worse, the regime boasted that its deal with the UN to stop developing a nuclear programme two years ago would transform the economy because sanctions would be stopped.

It is true that Iran has quickly found business partners in Europe, but being able to buy Airbus planes or deal with European banks doesn’t put bread on the tables of ordinary folk.

Crony capitalism is everywhere, but where there is big government, and Iran is all bout big government, it’s even worse. The bigger the state the bigger the crony capitalism. This is, as we’ve said, as close to a constant as there is in political “science.”

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