Patients Are “Dying in Corridors” of Britain’s Socialised Health System

But, but, but I can get my leg set for “free” in the UK or France.

Look, there’s a reason why people who can – from all over the world – fly to The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins in the USA when something serious goes down.

But, but, but…The cost of healthcare in the USA!

You mean the costs that are driven by government sticking its nose into every nook and cranny of healthcare. Those costs?

(From Mises)

“Patients dying in hospital corridors.” So went the headline which appeared on the BBC’s website last week, detailing the newest outrages which have emerged from Britain’s crisis-beset healthcare system. This most recent revelation came as a result of an open letter sent to the prime minister by 68 senior doctors, offering details of the inhuman conditions which have become common in the National Health Service’s hospitals.

The letter, which collected statistics from NHS hospitals in England and Wales, found that in December alone over 300,000 patients were made to wait in emergency rooms for more than four hours before being seen, with thousands more suffering long waits in ambulances before even being allowed into the emergency room. The letter further noted that it had become “routine” for patients to be left on gurneys in corridors for as long as 12 hours before being offered proper beds, with many of them eventually being put into makeshift wards hastily constructed in side-rooms.

My mother almost died in a British hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor originally told her to go home as her pain was just gas.

The rule of thumb in our family was always, if at all possible, stay out of European hospitals. I am sure things have gotten better, but it sounds like things are still pretty bad.

BUT you will get a “free” cast unlike in the states.

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