Peter Thiel reportedly looking into launching a Fox News competitor


I hope so. In most respects Mr. Thiel is very libertarian and I assume that any news station/agency would have that flavor.

(From The Verge)

It’s not exactly clear how serious Thiel is about the cable news effort, but BuzzFeedquotes sources saying Thiel plans to use some of his own money and funds from the conservative Mercer family. The Mercers have used their enormous hedge fund fortune to influence politic campaigns and causes and to bankroll Breitbart and groom its rising stars, including Milo Yiannopoulos.

Still, it’s an interesting move for Thiel. The man is a devout Trump supporter and campaign contributor who has used his Facebook and PayPal wealth to enact vengeance against a media organization, Gawker, that he feels wronged him years ago. That Thiel, still an a well-known Silicon Valley VC, would then want to start his own media company — and one that would go head-to-head against the formidable Fox empire in the middle of a beleaguered Republican presidential term — feels like an outlandish career move.

Sounds pretty smart to me actually. If anyone could pull it off I’d say Thiel could. The audience is there. Someone needs to challenge Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg, Bezos’s Washington Post, Carlos Slim’s New York Times and so on.

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