Poll: 33% Of NFL Fans Say They Purposely Stopped Watching This Year


I stopped watching a long time ago. And I used to really enjoy football.

College football is still fun, but the knowledge that the kids on the field are basically bashing their brains in (literally) takes away a good bit of the enjoyment. I don’t know how parents can send their kids out on the field with what we know now. And I say this as someone who has gotten his bell rung a few times.

Plus the NFL is so deeply crony, as we’ve discussed many times. How many fans have to pay for stadiums through their taxes but can’t even afford to enter the arenas? (Actually this season prices came way down for games in many cities as people turned away.)

I have no problem with people protesting. What I have a problem with is that it wasn’t really about protesting police shootings. It was really about protesting the support many NFL fans gave to Trump. I saw the whole taking a knee thing as a big FU to the fans. And I have a problem with that. A finger to police shootings? OK. Finger to Trump. Alright. A finger to the fans? Nope. Not OK.

You have a right to dis the people who pay you I guess. But don’t be surprised when the people who pay you stop paying you.

(From Hot Air)

Ratings in the regular season were down 9.7 percent from the year before. Ratings for last week’s playoff games were down … 11.5 percent, per the Sporting News. The league actually did worse as the postseason began. My hunch is that the fewer marquee names in the first round this year contributed heavily to the damage. Apart from the sexy “Brees vs. Newton” showdown in the New Orleans/Carolina game, you had six teams without national followings or many star players, most of which haven’t been anywhere near a Super Bowl for years. (The less said about the one exception, the Falcons, the better.) Last year, as noted, the Steelers were in the mix in the first round as were the Raiders, the Russell Wilson/Richard Sherman Seahawks, and two teams with huge fan bases in the Giants and Packers. In this year’s first round, the only teams to have won a Super Bowl since Richard Nixon was president were the Saints and Rams, and we’re nearly 20 years removed from the latter’s victory.

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