Poll Commissioned by Pot Prohibitionists Shows How Unpopular Pot Prohibition Is

People should be able to control what goes into their own bodies. Pot it seems to us should be a state level issue per the Constitution.

Saying this, and we have long been pot liberalization advocates, it is worth noting that weed can still get some people into trouble. Some people do become burnouts. It happens. Some people do become psychologically dependent on the stuff. Some people do become fans of Phish. (Hampton Comes Alive is a pretty good live album I will admit.) Also, no one should get behind the wheel or fly a plane after having ingested the stuff.

And, as PJ O’Rourke points out, pot can make one overly sensitive to the world. That isn’t usually a good thing. Many folks are way too sensitive already, without drugs.

But people shouldn’t be going to jail for using marijuana. That’s ridiculous. We are supposed to be a free society. (A quaint notion I am sure for some but we still believe in the ideal.)

(From Reason)

The options in SAM’s survey are more specific. The results are interesting, although probably not quite what an organization dedicated to scaring people about Big Marijuana wanted to see.

Mason Dixon Polling & Strategy, the firm hired by SAM, asked 1,000 respondents which of four policies “best describes your preference on national marijuana policy.” Sixteen percent chose “keep the current policy,” while 29 percent preferred to “legalize the use of marijuana for physician-supervised medical use.” Only 5 percent wanted to “decriminalize marijuana use by removing the possibility of jail time for possession and also allowing for medical marijuana, but keep the sale of marijuana illegal.” Forty-nine percent were ready for full legalization, saying the federal government should “legalize the commercial production, use and sale of marijuana for recreational use, as they have done recently in several states.”

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