Professor Comey? Ex-FBI chief to teach ethics course amid scrutiny

This is just more of the continuing craziness.

There’s a whole part of this country that so hates Trump, is so viscerally disgusted by him for whatever reason, that they happily turn a blind eye to what appears to have gone down in the FBI (elsewhere?) in the wake of the Trump victory.

To offer James Comey a position teaching “ethical leadership” at this juncture is absurd. How will any student in his class be able to sit there – unless they are completely ignorant of Comey’s recent actions – and believe a word he says? But “resistance” right?

Yeah, right.

(From The Hill)

While Comey has much to offer students, given his background and knowledge, it is a bit premature to view him as an expert on ethics, given the allegations concerning his conduct after his termination. Indeed, his record at the FBI would make for a compelling case study of what not to do as an ethical leader in government…

…More importantly, Comey decided to leak the information by passing the memos to his close “friend,” Columbia University Professor Daniel Richman. Now, the FBI has confirmed that four of the seven memos that Comey removed are believed to be classified. He reportedly gave four memos to his friend to leak to the media.

That would suggest that at least one memo given to Professor Richman was classified, meaning that Comey not only removed classified material from the FBI without prior disclosure or approval but then sent the memos to an unauthorized third party for the purpose of disclosures to the media. That is not only demonstrably unprofessional and unethical, but potentially criminal.

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