Putting the “Blue Wave” on hold —- The Takeaway: A Shrinking Feeling for Democrats?


It’s a reasonable bet that the Dems will take the House in 2018. I live in Virginia and practically every middle-aged Prius driver in the state came out on Election Day 2017 to voice their displeasure with the GOP. Some folks are angry.

Consider some of the postings you’ve seen online over the last year from the Trump Derangement contingent. (I’m not talking about the people who just don’t like Trump. I’m talking about the unhinged.) These folks want blood. Because, well, Trump!

Much of the anti-Trump stuff is sexism. Trump embodies a sort of cavalier “dude” thing that just drives some people completely nuts. Some of it is racism. Probably most of the nut bar anti-Trump stuff is just good old fashioned group think. But these things can win elections if they all peak at the right time.

In 2017 in Virginia they basically did. Whether they will again in 2018 is an increasingly open question as momentum shifts back to the President a bit.

(From Real Clear Politics)

One month ago Democrats held a whopping 13-point margin over Republicans in the generic ballot.   Today, their lead in the RealClearPolitics Average has shrunk by nearly 40 percent, and now stands at 7.9 points. That’s still healthy, of course, and most analysts believe it keeps them within range of taking back the House of Representatives. However, it appears the Republican tax cut passed at the end of last year has blunted talk of a Democratic “blue wave” – at least for the time being. After all, the gap between now and November is practically an eon in political terms.

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