Ron Paul: Let the states decide on gambling


If liberalized gambling laws impact his (Adelson’s) bottom line, hey, that’s a market. Deal. This is The United States.

(From Newsweek)

To say consistency is lacking on the subject is an understatement.

However, one issue of federalism which most on the left and right finally appear to agree on is gambling. States have regulated their own affairs in this industry since the inception of the Constitution.

Some states have gaming available in gas stations and convenience stores while others don’t even allow state-run lotteries. Some in Washington want to threaten this balance as they seek to please a crony, Republican-donating casino owner…

…The attack on the states’ ability to establish their own gambling laws comes mainly from one Las Vegas casino owner. Sheldon Adelson, a generous contributor to GOP political campaigns, had Darryl Nirenberg, his personal lobbyist, draft legislation that would establish a federal ban on online gaming.

As Tho Bishop at the Mises Institute pointed out, Adelson donated $20 million to the Republican Senate Leadership Fund to pressure GOP members into introducing his protectionist legislation.

When the bill failed to move, an effort was undertaken to pressure Attorney General Jeff Sessions to impose this anti-gambling view on the states.

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