Scientific American: Pollution protects us from global warming?

Pollution socialist style.


In other words pollution is good?

It’s not of course – even if it reduced global warming it’s still not a good thing to have in one’s lungs. But the below article is an interesting take.

Looks like the science is not “settled.” (Of course no science is settled. That’s the nature of science.) And that is the main reason we post this story. To illustrate this.

(From The Scientific American)

Pollution in the atmosphere is having an unexpected consequence, scientists say—it’s helping to cool the climate, masking some of the global warming that’s occurred so far.

That means efforts worldwide to clean up the air may cause an increase in warming, as well as other climate effects, as this pollution disappears.

New research is helping to quantify just how big that effect might be. A study published this month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters suggests that eliminating the human emission of aerosols—tiny, air-polluting particles often released by industrial activities—could result in additional global warming of anywhere from half a degree to 1 degree Celsius.

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