Sean Hannity’s Twitter profile is back after it mysteriously disappeared


We are not particularly big fans of Mr. Hannity. He treated Ron Paul poorly many times during the good doctor’s runs for the presidency. We’ll never forget that. But we are seeing, it appears, an assault on people who are trying to get “inconvenient truths” out. The social media companies, many of which have been exposed as quite biased against conservatives and libertarians in recent months, are under intense pressure from the DNC, the George Soros people (See this story), and likely the government bureaucracy. This should concern all of us who believe in the marketplace of ideas, liberal, conservative, libertarian, or other.

I don’t care how much you hate Trump. I don’t care how much you hate Hannity. (And again, we are not fans.) This should concern you.

(From The Daily Mail)

  • Twitter users trying to search for the Fox New host’s page were directed to a screen that said: ‘Sorry, that page does not exist’ 

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