Surveillance bill heads to Trump’s desk


Who needs a warrant in this country anyway? Oh, what’s that you say? The government needs one to look through our stuff?

Ha. That is so pre-9-11. Don’t you know that we need the government to violate our constitutional rights to protect us? You know, to protect our “freedom.”

The farther we get from September 11th 2001, the more people forget what not having Big Brother was like. The more people become comfortable with their status as subjects and serfs and not citizens. We have a 4th Amendment. We are supposed to be protected from searches without cause.

(From Politico)

In the end, GOP leadership scored a win that once seemed in doubt.

The libertarian House Freedom Caucus fiercely fought the bill, arguing it didn’t provide the necessary protections for Americans swept up in the 702 net. Other Republicans threatened to withhold support unless Congress changed the rules for how Americans’ identities could be exposed in intelligence reports, a process known as unmasking that jumped into the spotlight after Trump alleged the Obama administration had misused it to spy on his transition team.

And many Democrats joined these Republican defectors, siding with libertarians on their privacy concerns.

The bill, said Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who led a filibuster charge this week, “provides more rights to criminal suspects than to innocent Americans.”

Win?” Not for us?

And the Freedom Caucus isn’t libertarian. It is has solid tendencies but it’s not libertarian. At least not libertarian enough.

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