The High Road of Free Enterprise: Churchill warns his country of the stagnant ethos of socialism (VIDEO)


Churchill is so correct here.

People follow the siren song of socialism (as they have for 150 years) because they think that the state, the greatest killer the world has ever seen, the greatest polluter the world has ever seen, the greatest creator of injustice the world has ever seen can be wrangled for “good.”

But socialism, even the non-totalitarian forms (at least less totalitarian, Sweden, which is now increasingly embracing the market, like it once did, is plenty totalitarian when it comes to people’s paychecks) stifle the individual, creativity, initiative, opportunity, and dynamism, the things that make life interesting and engaging.

Socialism is like public school. The kids who check all the boxes and don’t cause too much trouble are the ones who are rewarded. And so for a certain subset of the population, the box checkers, the compliant, socialism is probably pretty OK. For the rest of us, and particularly for those who find joy in creation and blazing new trails, socialism is a horrible stifling box.

Socialism is just state feudalism with the crony class as lord and master.