The Hill: Clinton campaign deserves a full investigation just like Trumpworld


I think many people are just in the dark when it comes to Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation.

I never heard anything about the donations on NPR or CNN etc. I think there is just a big group of people who even now, because they want to like her and think of her as some preferable choice to Trump, have no idea what The Clinton Foundation was all about. They think that when people point fingers at the Clinton Foundation that this is just some partisan nonsense.

It’s not. We’ve followed the Clinton Foundation for years and the connections there need to be explored thoroughly. For the sake of the country.

Just because Clinton didn’t win doesn’t mean that she should be given a pass.

(From The Hill)

The sale, however, raises continuing concerns over the massive amounts of money given to the Clintons or their foundation. The payments peaked during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State and the period leading up to her widely anticipated announcement as a presidential candidate. (They dropped sharply after she was defeated in November 2016.) Even State Department employees raised concerns over the Clintons receiving hundreds of millions for speeches or foundation contributions. At the same time, Bill Clinton was raking in millions from foreign sources with dealings with the State Department, including some of the world’s most shady figures.

While the Russian deal was pending, he received $500,000 for a speech to a Kremlin-tied bank supporting the sale. During this period, nine Uranium One investors gave the Clinton Foundation some $145 million. The company’s chairman alone donated $2.35 million to the foundation during the pendency of the Uranium One deal. The Clinton Foundation failed to report some foreign contributions, despite an agreement to do so, as well as a pledge by Hillary Clinton in prior congressional testimony. The omitted payments reportedly included some money linked to Uranium One.

Few people think all of these government and foreign sources poured money into the coffers of the Clintons or their foundation out of the goodness of their hearts.

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