The Media Members Behind Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Mental Health (Who’s nuts?)


As far as I can tell it’s not Trump who has lost his mind. He might be wrong. He might be brash. He might on occasion (perhaps even regularly) be a jerk. But he’s not crazy.

Let me be clear that I am not making light of mental illness. Mental illness (of different kinds) can be a profound and devastating disability (but often very treatable). It is an illness like diabetes is an illness. 

Saying this, the whole “Trump’s nuts” trope is in fact nuts. On the drive into Washington DC this morning I heard a report that once the results of Trump’s very positive physical exam came out there were people at media outlets who were openly SOBBING.

They tried to take Trump out using the Electoral College before the inauguration. They failed. They tried to take Trump out with Russia collusion (we’re still open minded on this, but let’s be honest it’s not looking so good for the President’s opponents) and failed. This was the latest effort. Trump was crazy. And they failed again.

A large part of the old media simply just hate the man. I mean they despise him. Trump screwed up their whole world and they can’t get over it. They can’t let go. They can’t move on. They are obsessed, pouring over every word and every gesture, every, well everything for proof that Trump is some sort of crypto-Nazi.

Sorry folks, he’s not. You guys need to get a grip. There’re are plenty of things for serious people to talk about with regard to Trump. Let’s talk about Syria. Let’s talk about North Korea. Let’s talk about private prisons. Let’s talk about money flowing to the Military Industrial Complex. Let’s talk about Sessions.

But the Trump Derangement Syndrome people are screwing things up for the serious people.

The TDS people are crazy. Or at least sure seem like it. Maybe it’s time for a physical and some tests?

(From The Daily Caller)

White House doctor Ronny Jackson gave President Trump a clean bill of health on Tuesday and debunked conspiracy theories surrounding the president’s mental health.

Dr. Jackson, who has been the White House doctor since 2013, said that he had no concerns about Trump’s mental health. Trump also took a cognitive test that screens for Alzheimers and dementia and scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on it. The clean bill of health was a devastating blow to members of the establishment media who promoted conspiracy theories alleging that President Trump is mentally ill.

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