The worker behind Hawaii’s missile scare thought there was a real missile


So, it was a communication breakdown and it looks like the junior guy looks like he or she did what they were trained to do?

(From Vox)

Hawaiian officials had previously blamed the snafu on an employee who pushed the “wrong button.” But the FCC’s report reveals that the individual who pushed that button didn’t think it was the wrong move at the time and instead believed a practice emergency drill was, in fact, the real thing. The employee who transmitted the alert said in a written statement that he or she believed a missile was actually inbound…

This could be why, after the mistaken alert at 8:07 am Pacific time, a second alert stating there was no emergency didn’t come out until 38 minutes later. It took Hawaii Gov. David Ige 17 minutes to inform constituents there was no missile threat because he didn’t know his Twitter password. (He has since learned it.) Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) beat both Hawaii’s emergency agency and its governor to the punch.

Yet another reason to like Tusli Gabbard, perhaps our favorite flat out liberal in the House of Representatives.

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