This SOTU, Trump can move to drain the swamp for good


This piece is written by a friend, James Strock, former Secretary for Environmental Protection for California (the first), and the Founder of The Serve to Lead Group

We don’t always agree with Mr. Strock (however we very often do), but he’s is one of the good guys in politics. His most recent book is Disrupt Politics. Everyone should buy 5 copies.

(From The Hill)

Draining the swamp, or transforming the culture in Washington, means deconstructing the Special Interest State. This is the self-sustaining system of politicians, bureaucrats and their supporting cast of lobbyists, journalists, think tank intellectuals, and lawyers.

No president can drain the swamp overnight. Nonetheless, Trump can take decisive action to change the weather of Washington politics, by ensuring that public officials live under the same laws as other citizens. Through a mix of statutory, regulatory and voluntary changes, the president can lead Congress to historic reform by:

  • Abolishing the pension for ex-presidents. As a good-faith first step, President Trump should forgo the pension to which he’s now entitled.

  • Abolishing the pension for members of Congress. This would move them into the same retirement systems available to other Americans. Does anyone doubt that this will prompt greater attention to the challenges of retirement savings faced by the rest of us?

  • Demanding that Congress overhaul the legal process for sexual harassment alleged against members. The use of taxpayer money to subsidize secret settlements of actions against our elected officials is indefensible. Transparency is required to bring our representatives into closer alignment with the values and experiences of ordinary citizens.

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