Trump claims Democrats ‘want to shut down the government’ as Friday deadline looms

That’s probably true. But, hey, so what?

I mean, so the Dems won’t do a deal because they are offended by President Trump’s tone now? Oh. That’s a new complaint.

I’m sure Dick Durban really just wanted the best for the country. But you know now, with Trump’s terrible words…

(From CNBC)

President Donald Trump accused Democrats on Tuesday of seeking a government shutdown, as Congress scrambles to fund the government ahead of a Friday deadline.

Top Democrats have signaled they will not support a spending bill unless they also reach a deal to shield hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. Talks on an immigration plan — which would include new border security funding to appease Republicans — hit a snag following Trump’s tense meeting with bipartisan senators last week.

Congress now has four days including Tuesday to pass a spending bill — with or without the Democrats — to yet again avoid a government shutdown at the last minute.

As we’ve said before – if only it was ACTUALLY going to shut down.

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