Trump wants his wall, Democrats want a bunch of new formerly illegal voters, can a compromise be reached?

To be fair it’s not all of Cali that has gone off the rails. Pretty much only the coastal counties south of Marin. And San Diego hasn’t lost its mind like the other big cities.


Trump likes to start by asking for more than he wants and then works back from there.

The immigration debate, at least in Washington, is fundamentally about hard ball politics, not fairness or justice. Why do you think California is a supposed “sanctuary state”? The Democrats think that the more illegal immigrants they can get across the border the better for them. The idea is to overwhelm voter rolls so that the system of patronage (both explicit and implicit) that Democrats embrace, pretty much universally now, can expand. It’s the same reason Democrats fear looking closely at voter roles. Likely there are (many) people voting who should not be. Particularly in places like California where the political machine now seems to just flaunt the rule of law. There is a reason why the once Golden State has former Attorney General, Mr. Fast and Furious, Eric Holder on retainer. (But we know, voter fraud isn’t a problem, which is why some people are so afraid to look into it.)

Trump will likely get his wall in one form or another. The trade may be for what is essentially amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants. (DACA is a huge headache and a political poison pill, which is why it was done by the Obama administration.)  This arrangement will anger many people on both sides but it is likely to be the end result. We’re far out at this point, but I’ll bet this is close to what we end up with .

It should be noted that California, a state that has often looked the other way on illegal immigration, is now the poorest state per capita in the USA when cost of living is factored. (Illegal immigration is not necessarily driving this however, but it is no doubt contributing to the issue.) In California we see the urban political machine on a state level, and like many areas under the thumb of urban machines the trajectory for the state is generally downward. Detroit and Chicago didn’t become Detroit and Chicago overnight. Decades of political patronage and crony capitalism wore those places down. We hope that California can avoid the same fate. But things at this moment do not look good.

I am personally conflicted on the issue of illegal immigration by the way. If we didn’t have a large and expensive welfare state I don’t think there’d be any issue with folks moving back and forth across the border in an effort to find work. The problem is WITH a large and expensive welfare state economic incentives are warped. It’s not just an issue of human capital seeking the greatest opportunity.

(From Bloomberg)

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, said the wall remains part of the discussion. He told Fox News Tuesday, “There is an agreement that can be reached. It’s got to start with border security, though, and putting money in place to start building the wall as President Trump said. He campaigned on this and he won the presidency with this being a front and center issue.”

The president said in September that he would end the Obama-era program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in early March. Trump has expanded his demands for what he wants in exchange for a DACA accord: eliminating family immigration preferences and ending a diversity lottery program that provides visas to people in countries with low rates of migration to the U.S.

Trump punctuated the holidays with a series of tweets renewing demands that an immigration measure include a border wall, which is strongly opposed by Democrats and many Republicans in Congress. He’s also accusing Democrats of playing politics in the debate.

Playing politics? In Washington DC? No.

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