Twitter direct messaging engineer Pranay Singh admitted to mass-banning accounts that express interest in God, guns, and America


All I can say is that there are lots of people with way fewer followers than us who get “verified” Twitter accounts. Not that it annoys me or anything.

And by the way we don’t play the social media snobbery game. If you have interesting content we’ll retweet you or comment, whether you’re a big shot or not. Heck, we follow almost anyone who follows us on Twitter.

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(From Breitbart)

“So if there’s like ‘American, guns,’ [in the account bio] can you write an algorithm to just take all those people out?” asked one undercover reporter.

“Umm, yeah, it’s actually how we do it,” Singh replied. “You look for ‘Trump,’ or ‘America,’ or any of, like, five thousand, like, keywords to describe a redneck, and then you look, and you parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then look for stuff that matches that stuff… You assign a value to each thing, so like Trump would be .5, a picture of a gun would be like 1.5, and if the total comes up above a certain value, then it’s a bot.”

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