Vermont Just Legalized Marijuana In Response To Jeff Sessions Decision To Change Policy

Flag of The Vermont Republic


Vermont is an interesting state. It’s not just Ben and Jerry’s, failed single payer programs, opioid addiction, maple syrup, Bernie Sanders, and carpetbagging (the Yankee invading Yankee version) “Massholes” (The folks who abandon Boston for the mountains). Vermont has a history of doing its own thing which I personally respect. It, like Texas, was originally its own country. And even with all the massholes there is still a Green Mountain spirit in the place. A toughness.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Vermont, but I remember this vibe. I’m pleased to see the state doing the right thing here. I wish my home Commonwealth would do the same. Prohibition is stupid, particularly with regard to cannabis.

(From Politicald!g)

Lawmakers voted 81-63 in favor of the bill, which would allow adults over the age of 21 to grow and possess small amounts of legal marijuana beginning in July. The State Senate still needs to approve the measure, but Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) has declared that he will sign the bill, the Burlington Free Press reports.

According to the news outlet, House members rejected an effort led by Republicans to delay voting on the bill amid reports that Sessions would rescind a Justice Department policy on states legalizing marijuana.

The Marijuana Policy Project, the largest marijuana policy reform group in the US, praised the vote in a statement, calling it an “important step.”

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