White House Counsel Don McGahn’s Threat to Resign Not a Direct Response to Potential Firing of Mueller

(From CBS News)

White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign from his position in June 2017– but it was not a direct response to President Trump’s discussion about firing newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller. Two sources directly involved in the deliberations tell CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett that McGahn’s threat was not communicated directly to Mr. Trump, but adjudicated by senior staff, principally then-chief of staff Reince Priebus and then-chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Garrett reports that while Mr. Trump talked about firing Mueller, he never issued a direct order to do so in any written form, though he did say he favored this action in the presence of senior staff.

McGahn’s primary stress was occupying the role of the “no” voice for Mr. Trump. He served as the principal lawyerly voice intervening to explain the legal limits to the president regarding some of his intentions or desires.

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