Why FBI’s ‘missing’ five months of texts is worse than Watergate

In fairness Obama did make it to the end.


This FBI thing is starting to get really really ugly. I am saddened by what is coming out.

I feel like we are going to need a “Truth and Reconciliation” type report for the Obama years. And might as well throw in one for the Bush years too while we’re at it.

(From Fox News)

It is beyond convenient that key pieces of potential evidence are disappearing before the American peoples’ eyes as congressional committees struggle to get answers about how the Trump campaign, transition and administration were targeted by the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This only fuels suspicion and further erodes public trust in these institutions.

If one was not already cynical about how power is wielded in Washington against political opponents, there is little left to keep public confidence intact. The entire manner in which the Obama administration seems to have carried out its investigation into the Trump campaign – which then carried over into the transition and administration in 2017 – could turn out to be one of the greatest scandals in modern U.S. history.

This is very much worse than Watergate. We’ll know more when the House Select Committee on Intelligence releases its own memo revealing its findings into this whole affair.

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