12 million Chinese Catholics being effectively put in a Communist-controlled “cage,” says Bishop on Pope’s potential capitulation to Beijing

Try finding this image on the Chinese Internet.


Like I’ve said before, this former Catholic (and alter boy) still has much affection for the Church, despite its many many failings. But letting the Communist Party determine who will become a bishop in the most populous country on earth is completely beyond the Pale. How can Francis possibly consider capitulating to the Chinese communists? Is his disposition toward marxist collectivism just bursting through at this point?

Remember this the same pope that fears an “invasion of libertarianism.” (Oooh scary libertarians! There are SO many of us. I mean the foundation of libertarianism is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – now who else advocated this?)

But he doesn’t fear handing 12 million of his flock over to the godless communists? Something is very wrong here.

(From The New York Times)

They fear that the Vatican, in its eagerness for a deal, could betray clerics and parishioners who have illicitly practiced their faith for decades and risked arrest and persecution by worshiping in the so-called underground church. They are also alarmed that a deal could end the independence for which the underground church has long stood.

The dissension escalated on Friday as the retired archbishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, intensified his criticism of the talks, saying that a reconciliation could result in 12 million Chinese Catholics being effectively put in a Communist-controlled “cage.” He has accused church bureaucrats of “selling out” Chinese Catholics, and warned, “A church enslaved by the government is no real Catholic Church.”

Cardinal Zen did not attack the pope directly, but called Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the pope’s second-in-command, “a man of little faith.”

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