$20 Billion Hidden in the Swamp: Feds Redact 255,000 Salaries


There are many people who think the “government” is “us.” It is not “us.” It works for itself first. Its most important interest is not the welfare of US citizens, it is the welfare of the state. If (some) citizens benefit in some ancillarly way – great. Some crumbs must be thrown to make sure people remain placated. But the government and the government industrial complex comes first.

(From Real Clear Politics)

In December 2017, our “OpenTheBooks Oversight Report – Mapping the Swamp, a Study of the Administrative State” found $114 billion in compensation paid to 1.35 million federal civil service employees (excluding the U.S. Post Office) in fiscal year 2016. We found 165 percent growth in bureaucrats making $200,000 or more; 30,000 bureaucrats out-earning all 50 governors at $190,000; and the average salary at 78 large federal agencies exceeding $100,000.

At OpenTheBooks.com, citizens have the tools to investigate their local piece of the federal bureaucracy. We have literally mapped the swamp, pinning all federal disclosed bureaucrats plus post office employees by employer location ZIP Code on our interactive map.

But not this year. Our organization can’t properly quantify the FY2017 payroll because of the massive salary redactions. After all, we can’t map what we can’t see.

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