Buchanan: A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic



I just read the memo and I can’t see how it does anything in any way which might hurt the country or national security. What it does appear to highlight however are very high level efforts within the so called “deep state” to keep Trump from being president. That is a pretty sad revelation and I can see why the FBI would prefer the public not see it in black and white.

Pat Buchanan, not always our favorite columnist, lays it out.

(From Buchanan.org)

In this divided capital, there are warring narratives.

The first is that Trump was compromised by the Russians and colluded with them to hack the DNC and Clinton campaign to destroy her candidacy. After 18 months, the FBI and Robert Mueller probes have failed to demonstrate this.

The second narrative is now ascendant. It is this:

In mid-2016, James Comey and an FBI cabal, including Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, lead investigator Peter Strzok and his FBI paramour Lisa Page, decided Clinton must not be indicted in the server scandal, as that would make Trump president.

So they colluded and put the fix in.

This alleged conspiracy is being investigated by the FBI inspector general. His findings may explain last week’s sudden resignation of McCabe and last summer’s ouster of Strzok from the Mueller probe.

If true, this conspiracy to give Hillary a pass on her “gross negligence” in handling secrets, and take down Trump based on dirt dug up by hirelings of the Clinton campaign would make the Watergate break-in appear by comparison to be a prank.

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