“According to Rep. Tom Garrett, R-Va., the allegations contained in the Nunes memo—which he described as ‘fact-laden’—are what lawmakers should find disturbing”

Garrett is an interesting guy. He’s my Congressman, (I’ve never met him), holds town halls on Facebook practically weekly, has introduced legislation to end cannabis prohibition, and speaks bluntly in a way that junior congresspeople often do not.

It was his impassioned argument for releasing the Nunes FBI memo that put the issue on many people’s radar screens. He was very concerned – and not in a partisan way (though I’m sure it’s a factor), but in a “concerned for America” way.

(From WJLA)

“If we learn that there is evidence that the levers of power were leveraged against private citizens of the United States of America, that the federal government was weaponized for political ends, that should be the thing that’s troubling to all Americans of any political affiliation,” he said.

Even if the Republican claims are true and gross abuses of surveillance power did occur, Garrett fears partisanship will lead some to dismiss the memo out of hand.

“I’m even more afraid people will respond by saying, ‘Whatever, get Trump,’” he said.

If, as Nunes alleges, the FBI’s surveillance authority was misused for political purposes to target one side, Garrett warned that the other side could eventually face the same illicit tactics.

“It might not be your ox getting gored today,” he said, “but if the federal government can target American private citizens with the power with which we’ve entrusted it, there’s a problem.”

This last bit is so true. Wake up Dems. You’ve seen how the worm turns. If we have a weaponized bureaucracy it may one day turn against you. Times change.

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