Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Can’t Beat Washington, So He’s Joining It: The Influence Game


Bezos moves many markets, and he moves the one on K Street every day. One way or another.

(From Bloomberg)

In the past five years, Amazon increased lobbying spending by more than 400 percent, a rate of change that far exceeds rivals’. It lobbied more government agencies than any other tech company, pressed its case on as many issues as Google, and outspent everyone in the industry except for the search giant, the data show…

…Amazon’s cloud-computing business may have the most at stake. In 2013, it won a multi-year CIA contract, and is in the running for a decade-long Defense Department cloud contract potentially worth billions more. The Pentagon awarded a separate $950 million cloud contract to an Amazon affiliate earlier this month.

The government seems pleased with these arrangements so far. The CIA’s John Edwards delivered a 13-minute testimonial in June to thousands of people at an Amazon-sponsored event at Washington’s convention center, saying partnering with Amazon Web Services is “the most innovative thing we’ve ever done.” In 2016, Bezos was appointed to the Defense Innovation Advisory Board, which aims to keep the Pentagon atop new technologies. He hosted Defense Secretary James Mattis at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters in August, posting pictures of the visit on Twitter.

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