Banana (Republics) Can Grow in California: California’s Income Inequality Now Worse Than Mexico’s, Poverty Level Highest In America

This is LA now.


California is in trouble. It is sinking into a place which is between the rest of the USA and the developing world.

I know. It’s crazy. California, home of Silicon Valley, and a once vibrant Hollywood, not to mention aerospace (which is still strong in relative terms), is in solid decline. Years of big government continue to take their toll. Sadly, with many in the once Golden State oblivious to what is happening to them.

As the attached article points out Cali is on a trajectory that is more in line with Latin America than with Scandinavia. Perhaps this is why I know a handful of people, fairly well off liberal people at that, who have left California in recent years. (Not perhaps. I pretty much know they saw the decline and bugged out.)


…if only penny-pinching republicans would shell out for a bigger welfare state then all our problems would be solved.  Why not build more homes for the homeless, or invest in better education for our kids?  The state can solve the problem of poverty, they argue.

And to be fair, they’ve put their money where their mouth is: over the last few decades California has built one of America’s most lavish welfare states.  There’s just one problem: it’s not working.

The sad truth of the matter is that California’s poverty rate is the highest in the country, at 20.6 percent.  This is based on data from the US Census Bureau, and modified so as to account for differences in the cost of living between states.  And if you’re a skeptical “progressive” then don’t worry, even Politifact confirms this finding.

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