The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up. HOORAY!!!


I thought that I’d never see the Berlin Wall come down. I really didn’t. Such was the seeming imperviousness of the Iron Curtain.

When it fell I was overjoyed. The bastards lost.

But in the middle of the celebrating I remember someone on a show somewhere cautioning the world that the Marxists would try to make another run at things one day. The generations that knew the horrors of socialism/communism would one day get old. The victims would one day pass on. Once the gulags had been bulldozed, once the screams from the dungeons had faded into nights long passed, once the dehumanization of socialism became a distant nightmare of another time and of other people, the siren song of socialism would sing to the uninformed and historically ignorant. And some, sadly, would listen.

(From The Independent)

“These days are special days and this edition of the Berliner Zeitung is also special. On February 5, this coming Monday, the Wall will be gone as long as it stood,” the paper said in a front page editorial to mark the anniversary.

The wall was first erected in 1961 and was supposed to prevent the escape and defection of East Germans into West Berlin, an enclave of West Germany deep inside the eastern bloc.

The wall fell after an apparently bungled 9 November press conference by Günter Schabowski, an East German communist official who said people could cross the wall “immediately” – leading to huge crowds gathering at its border crossing points.

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