California Presumes Homeschooling Parents Are Child Abusers, Seeks Invasive New Restrictions


This has nothing to do with child welfare. It has (almost) everything to do with powerful teacher’s unions protecting their turf. It’s an opportunistic move.

Yet another notch in the sad decline of the Once Golden State.

(The Western Journal)

The homeschooling parent — per legal requirement — would have to meet the government’s required checklist via home visits, interviews, and other oversights, effectively increasing the burden on the parent to prove themselves parentally fit.

And many have expressed concern over stripping away the legally protected option of homeschooling and deeming it as absurdly unconstitutional.

The decision seems to be in light of the horrifying case of David and Louise Turpin who were registered as homeschoolers to the 13 children that authorities found chained, malnourished and abused.

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