Do we see the memo today? The FBI and the Dems don’t want you to see it (You can’t handle it)

Yesterday afternoon the FBI issued a statement saying that it had “grave concerns” about the potential release of the Nunes memo.

Whether this is legitimate or whether this is gaming from the law enforcement agency is an open question of course. The concern is that some information in the memo has been omitted and this makes things look worse than they are.

The answer then seems to be to declassify this classified information. Over classification of material in Washington is a serious problem (it’s used by the bureaucracy to hide all sorts of stuff  – that should be public – from the public) and this may very well be a case of that.

There is mild to moderate panic in Democratic ranks. An indication that what is in the memo actually may be of some import. Of course the #oldmedia is in full prophylactic mode right now.

House Democrat: Nunes memo will erode America’s confidence in the FBI

Really is this such a bad thing? If there are widespread abuses, if there was an effort to – we don’t even want to say it out loud – shouldn’t “America’s confidence” BE eroded in the FBI?