Dow soars more than 500 points after its worst week in 2 years

Up…and down.


So we are in a period of crazytown volatility now. This happens every once in a while. But it seems the overall economic story is intact. The economy is generally gaining steam though the medium term effects of the Federal Reserve’s QE experiment hang off in the distance – mostly quiet for now. As more of this experiment bleeds through into the real economy there is the possibility of inflation beyond what we have known over the last 2 decades. This would also mean a bump in interest rates.

So steady as she goes though heavily swelled seas. It feels more like a squall, not a storm. But sometimes squalls become storms.

(From CNBC)

U.S. stocks rose on Monday as the major indexes rebounded from their worst weekly performances in two years.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 521 points. American Express and Apple were the best-performing stocks in the Dow, advancing 4.1 percent each.

The S&P 500 gained 1.7 percent, with energy and financials as the best-performing sectors. Real estate was the worst-performing sector as interest rates climbed higher. The Nasdaq composite advanced 1.8 percent.

Shares of Amazon, Bank of America and Apple — which fell sharply last week — all rose by at least 3 percent.

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